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Avro Keyboard could be a tool planned for

Americaers from countries of the likes of Bangla Desh

and India. It’ a free avro keyboard for the Bengali language that’ conjointly absolutely compatible with Unicode and ANSI. It permits us to enter text therein languages into our operational system.

the foremost common Bangla text tool at present.

Once you put in the software, you’ll be ready to simply write text during this language on Windows, whether or not documents, spreadsheets, emails, or for the other purpose you will need. and every one the latter, avoiding mistakes and using a spellchecker. you’ll be able to opt for any of the default keyboard layouts or tack a made-to-order version.

And due to the automation options, the chances to enter text are easier than ever.

With this software, we are able to write the phonemes of this language with our usual characters, and therefore the program will lookout of changing them. It uses English because the base language in order that anyone can get around easily. It doesn’t matter if your laptop isn’t compatible with this language: it works as an interface at a system level.
three text-input ways

(1) Phonetic orthography system from English to Bangla.
(2) Keyboard typing.
(3) Mouse-based writing.

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