pixie color picker


Windows xp / 7/8/10/11 Size: 11KB

Match colors simply with Pixie

color picker could be a simple application

that permits net and graphic designers to match colours

To use it, you simple mouse over a color on your screen. Pixie can tell you the values of that change a variety of various formats, from the CMYK values employed by printers to hex, HSV, HTML and RGB values.
easy and helpfulPixie is a terribly simple tool that do you factor and will it perfectly. it’s obtainable in many formats: you’ll be able to transfer it either as an easy app or as a zipper file. each of those files are free, however you’ll be able to conjointly purchase a transfer of the app’ supply code.

this can be a really slim piece of software, with a download of simply over ten kb. If you’re gazing a picture and just wish to match one a part of it, you can use this tool to amplify a part of your screen to match the color of only one pixel. This tool runs in an exceedingly small, separate window that displays the colour info of the chosen pixel. you’ll be able to map a number of this app’ format to keyboard shortcuts for improved convenience.

If you’ve ever struggled to match a color picker precisely once coming up with an internet page, emblem or piece of artwork, Pixie can solve your problem. It’ small, easy and extremely simple to use.

Simple and straightforward to use

color choosing may be a great tool for designers who may see a shade they like on an internet site or video, or who are tasked with coming up with one thing inside AN existing stigmatization colour scheme. ancient ways would need the designer to tug the image into a picture editor to sample the colour, however Pixie is a standalone program that enables the user to sample colors from anyplace on the computer.

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