Want to take light shot screen shots

outside of your browser?

Click the taskbar icon or hit the Print Screen button and Light shot can take a screenshot. the applying will then permit you to annotate the screenshot – draw on it, add a chunk of text, highlight areas, so on. once you’re done, you’ll copy the screenshot, reserve it locally, transfer it to the web, or share it on social networks.That is,in an exceedingly nutshell, the kind of practicality you can expect to induce from Lightshot.

Lightshot is accessible as an installer for Microsoft’s Windows OS and for Apple’s raincoat OS X.Lightshot is also accessible as a browser extension for Microsoft’s net Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox, and Google’s Chrome web browser.

whereas Lightshot is running on your Windows-powered machine, you may see an icon within the system tray.

Right click the icon and you will be bestowed with a context menu that options the subsequent entries Sign In, Take Screenshot, About, Exit.Left click the icon and you will be able to take a screenshot. Alternatively, you’ll use the Print Screen button to attain a similar effect.initial up,

 You want to choose the region that can be captured.choose an oblong space and lightweight shot will take a screenshot of that area.Next up, you’ll annotate the screenshot draw employing a pencil, add a line, add an arrow, add a rectangular box, add some text, use a marker.And last however not least,

 You want to select what you would like to try and do with the screenshot: reserve it to the placement of your choice, copy it to the writing board and paste it within the application of your choosing, print it out, hunt for similar pictures on Google, share it on social networking sites, upload it to the web.

light-weight shot is free software.
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