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PDF Creator a powerful tool designed to quickly and handily create PDFs on Windows PCs.

 With this program, you’ll create, password-protect, encrypt, and convert PDFs on your computer. It supports multiple file formats, as well as PNG, EPS, TIFF, PCX, BMP, JPG, and more. Compared to doPDF, Free PDF Reader, Adobe Reader DC, and alternative productivity tools, this free software package comes with a less complicated and cleaner interface.

The popular PDF viewer allows you to share output files via email. additionally to this, the program autosaves the files to such destination folders and categorizes them on the idea of username, timestamp, date, etcetera With this PDF convertor, you’ll additionally merge files to form one document. PDFCreator is doubtless a wonderful selection among PDF creators, readers, viewers, and alternative PDF tools online.

the way to use PDFCreator?

Just in case you’re not at home with the usage and options of a virtual printer, it would take your time to induce accustomed the PDF viewer. However, this PDF converter and viewer comes with a straightforward interface,

 Creating it easier to get droop of the functionalities. To convert a file format to PDF, use a text document, an MS stand out spreadsheet, an image, a PPT, or an email. you’ll produce a PDF document with one among the 2 strategies below:

Open the file with a compatible Microsoft program. Next, click on ‘Print’ and choose PDFCreator from the choices as your default printer. just in case you’re operating with a spreadsheet, you’ll need to use MS Excel. Similarly, if you’re working with a PPT, you’ll have to use MS Powerpoint, then on.

PDFCreator supports multiple modes for virtual printing. additionally to this, the program permits reverse conversions. This allows you to convert PDFs to RAW, BMP, TXT, PNG, and JPEG file formats. so as to convert the documents to alternative file formats, you follow a straightforward process. It’s virtually the image of the one accustomed produce a